Week 7: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days

Well, my 66 days of TRYING to form a daily yoga habit are well and truely over and I’m playing catch-up with posting my last few weeks of my personal yoga challenge.

Intensive travelling after leaving Nicaragua really made it difficult to practice yoga and meditation everyday, here’s how I went with my daily yoga while travelling through Peru.

Week 7: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days Summary:

·      Number of days that I practiced both Yoga and Meditation: 3 of 7 days

·      Number of days I just practiced Yoga: 0 of 7 days

·      Number of days I didn’t practice either Yoga or Mediation: 4 of 7 days

Days 43 – 44 of 66 — Cusco, Peru

Off to a good start to Week 7 in Cusco, practiced both yoga and meditation on both days! Cusco is quite a cute little city, it’s a very busy little place as it’s the main starting point for most people going to see Machu Picchu — that’s why we’re here.

Days 45 – 46 of 66 Days — Agua Calientes and Machu Picchu, Peru

No practice on the transit day to Agua Calientes or the day at Machu Picchu unfortunately. Up very early to get to the train for the 3 or so hours ride to Agua Calientes (closest town to Machu Picchu) and then up very early get to Machu Picchu. 


Day 47 of 66 Days

Transiting from Agua Calientes to Cusco, Peru

No practice. Too tired, bitten, dirty – no showers working in our hotel! The VERY unglamorous side to travel. But more than worth it to see the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu!

Day 48 of 66 Days

Cusco, Peru

No practice. And now sick, plus tired and bitten. But clean!  

Day 49 of 66 Days

Transiting from Cusco, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia

Ended Week 7 on a high with both yoga and meditation practice. Woohoo!



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