Week 4: Forming a Daily Yoga Practice in 66 Days

Week 4 of 10: Forming a Daily Yoga Practice in 6 Days has been the most challenging week so far. I spent 2 of the 7 days in transit. And although the days weren’t particularly grueling, those days still took their toll.

We left Playa Maderas, Nicaragua on Day 22, transited to San Juan del Sur for the night so we could catch an early taxi to the border. We transited across the border to Costa Rica on Day 23 – it was a long but smooth travel day.  

We arrived in Monterverde, Costa Rica in the late afternoon, it was already getting dark but we made it to our accommodation with no problems. Monteverde is so much cooler than Playa Maderas and it was a welcome change.

On Day 25 I didn’t practice either Yoga or Meditation – the first day since the beginning of the 66 day forming a daily Yoga practice challenge.

And I only practiced both Yoga and Meditation on 3 days of Week 4 – I’m disappointed in myself. I’m also feeling that my premonitions about having difficulty keeping up my daily practice when travelling quickly was a self fulfilling prophecy – meaning that I told myself that I would fail. And then I did.

Here’s my summary of my daily Yoga and Meditation practice struggles of Week 4.

Week 4: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days Summary

Day 22 of 66

Today I practiced Yoga and a Guided Meditation in the morning before we made our way to San Juan del Sur for the night before heading to the border to get to Costa Rica.

Even though it was only a 45-minute ride between Playa Maderas and San Juan, I didn’t want to risk there being a reason not to practice if I put my practice off until later in the day.

But I still have difficulty practicing in the morning everyday, even though I know that morning practice is best for me and ensures that I don’t miss a day.

Day 23 of 66

I managed to get in my Yoga practice in before catching a 7.30am taxi to the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Unfortunately I did not practice Meditation.

Day 24 of 66

The second day in Monteverde, I had gotten over the tiredness from being in transit for 2 days.

Today I practiced Yoga and Guided Meditation in the morning before we headed to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. The Cloud Forrest is beautiful and serene and worth the effort to get there.

Day 25 of 66

No Yoga or Meditation practice today – the first day since starting the challenge that I completely missed a day of practice. I was exhausted from hours of walking the previous day. I’m always amazed at how easy it is for me to lose my cardio fitness levels.

Day 26 of 66

Yoga but no Meditation

Day 27 of 66

Yoga and a Guided Meditation

Day 28 of 66

Not at all inspired to practice today. I only manage a Yoga practice but no Meditation *sigh*.

My plan is to ensure that I practice early in the morning and practice Meditation straight after Yoga practice. I need to change my mindset and not let travelling be an excuse not to practice Yoga and Meditation daily.

Onto to Week 5 – more changes as we travel on from Monteverde to San Jose, Costa Rica and then up to New York City and Philadelphia –  and hopefully a change in my mindset too.


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