Week 6: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days

It’s fair say that the last few weeks of my Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days challenge have been very difficult.

My long-term travelling has been a gift but does sometimes make daily Yoga tough. But I’m still determined to finish these weekly updates to try to understand the complexities that help form a Yoga habit and share them here at The Yoga Class. Here is Week 6…

I ended Week 5 of forming my daily yoga habit in New York City and spend half of Week 6 there too. The City has been epic! It was my second trip to New York City and I’m blown away by its energy, beauty and rawness.


Week 6: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days Summary

·      Number of days that I practiced both Yoga and Meditation: 3 of 7 days

·      Number of days I just practiced Yoga: 0 of 7 days

·      Number of days I didn’t practice either Yoga or Mediation: 4 of 7 days

Days 36 – 38 of 66 Days

New York City

After a few days in the Big Apple my daily Yoga and Meditation mojo was at an all time low. This meant no practice for three days! Feeling guilty much?!

Day 39 of 66 Days

New York City – Lima, Peru

Transit day to Peru from New York, via Florida = an 18 hour day. These are the days when travelling doesn’t seem so appealing! Alas to say that I didn’t get to roll out my Yoga mat today. Ah, transit days, unfortunately a necessary evil sometimes!

 Days 40 – 42 of 66 Days

Lima, Peru

Slowly getting some Yoga and Mediation back in South America! It’s my first time of the Continent and so far I like Peru and can’t wait to see and explore more!

I managed to practice both Yoga and a guided Mediation every morning, it helped that four nights in Lima were deemed New York recovery days.

Onto Week 7!


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