Weeks 8–10: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days

I’d love to share that the last leg of my 66 days of forming a yoga habit were a roaring success and I now have a steadfast daily practice – but nope, that’s not the case.

During Weeks 8–10 I was travelling through Bolivia to Argentina. La Paz, Bolivia is about 4000m above sea level and the altitude was starting to get to me and I’d picked up a stomach bug, I was generally feel pretty unwell.  Yoga practice was the last thing on my mind! Not how I planned to finish my daily yoga habit challenge at all. 

Week 8–10: Forming a Daily Yoga Habit in 66 Days Summary

La Paz and Copacabana, Bolivia

·      Number of days that I practiced both Yoga and Meditation: 0

·      Number of days I just practiced Yoga: 1

I was happy to get to Buenos Aires and chill out at the apartment we had rented. Unfortunately, long-term travel isn’t always glamorous!

Even though the daily yoga habit challenge didn’t end on a positive note I have picked up some tips for making daily yoga a little easier to achieve and will be sharing those here at The Yoga Class soon.





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