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Yoga practice while travelling can be difficult, especially if travelling quite quickly or travelling long-term. It can be hard to establish a regular Yoga Practice with a new location, room, weather conditions or season to contend with.

I’d been travelling through Morocco and spend about a week or so in a seaside town called Essaouira. Re-establishing a regular Yoga practice after months of travel and also trying to increase my cardio fitness levels seemed like a good idea. Maybe it was the fresh sea air or maybe I had some time? But – as always – the bigger obstacle to overcome was the MOTIVATION. 

I’d previously downloaded the Nike Training App and had never made much use of it, my new found Moroccan motivation got me to give it a go.

Nike Training App overview

The great thing about the Nike Training App is that it has in-App motivation. Now, this doesn’t help with all motivational issues, like even opening the App or unrolling the Yoga mat! But every bit of motivation helps. There’s some of the ways the Nike Training App helps to motivate:

  1. Nike Fuel – have Googled, still have no idea what this!

  2. Trophies are earned by how many minutes of training completed.

  3. Like other workout Apps, friends can be added.

  4. It’s also possible to create a personal fitness program or simply choose a class – the App adds up how many minutes completed and trophies earned.

Now, I’m not normally very competitive but found that I quite liked seeing my minutes increase and getting more trophies.

As a Yoga Teacher I’m going to provide a review of one of the Get Focused, 15 minute Yoga classes – Vinyasa Rush Studio. The Nike Fitness App also has two other 15 minute Yoga classes; Dynamic Yoga and Solar Power Yoga. 

Vinyasa Rush Studio Review

The Vinyasa Rush Studio is a 15 Minute Yoga Practice in a flow style and with standing poses only. So having a Yoga mat isn’t necessarily required but I would recommend using one. A towel or two can also be used instead of a Yoga Mat. I do have a great travel Yoga mat, see my review of it here.

I’d recommend looking through the Review and seeing what Asanas (poses) are in the Vinyasa Rush Studio Yoga class and how the Yoga class is sequenced before commencing – there are both pictures and videos . The Nike Fitness App also gives the option to see how to do the Asanas (poses) throughout the Yoga class, but this does stop the flow of the Yoga practice. 

The sequence is repetitive so it gives you the chance to refine the Asanas (poses) with each repetition. There is a Vinyasa flow sequence incorporated into the class too, with a Chaturanga Dandasana Asana (pose). This isn’t an easy Asana (pose), I’d recommend trying it from the knees rather than the toes for beginners.

For beginners, I’d recommend taking it easy. The Vinyasa Studio Rush isn’t necessarily for beginners (there aren’t variations included) but this doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t enjoy this Yoga class.

I like to add 10-15 minute Savasana/Corpse Pose at the end of the 15 minutes Yoga class – making it about a 30 minute Yoga class. This can be a nice substitute for an actual Yoga Class, especially as it can be easily be completed from a hotel/hostel/apartment room and no special props are required.

 Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

My minor issue with the Nike Fitness App is that I have to use it on my phone. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see on the small screen. I’d prefer to use it from my laptop – oh well.

Lastly, the Nike Fitness App is great if getting an internet connection is difficult or unreliable – once the workouts are downloaded an internet connection isn’t required.

Overall, I like it. The Nike Training App makes keeping up with a Yoga practice while travelling a little easier. It’s also great for increasing cardio fitness. For me, it doesn’t replace going to an actual Yoga class but is a good option when going to a Yoga class isn’t possible.


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